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Hello! I'm Christopher.

I specialize in Trauma, Life Stressors, Depression, Greif, and Anxiety.

I am in my final steps toward graduating with a Master of Art in Professional Counseling. I have various experiences working in other capacities in hospitals and during peer-to-peer coaching. 

My Journey

I am in the final phase of a graduate-level degree in counseling at Amberton University. I have experience working in many settings like crisis stabilization hospitals and peer-to-peer coaching environments.  

How I provide support

I believe that providing support in therapy is essential in helping individuals learn about their symptoms, coping skills and how to improve their lifestyles. To do this, I always start by listening to the individual and understanding their needs. This allows me to create a plan in which I can help the individual in the most effective manner. I also make sure that I educate the individual about their symptoms and the different coping skills they can utilize to manage them. My ultimate goal is to help the individual understand their condition better, as well as how to best manage it.

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