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Hello! I'm Eleanor.

I specialize in Trauma, Life Stressors, Anxiety, Grief, and Depression. 

I am in my final steps toward graduating with a Master of Art in Professional Counseling. I have various experience in working in other capacities in hospital, community mental health, and residential settings. 

My Journey

I am in the final phase of a graduate-level degree in counseling at Amberton University. I have experience working in many settings state mental health facilities, addiction centers, and county mental health providers. 

How I provide support

Starting therapy is an act of courage and resilience. I want to provide an environment where you can be yourself and work through life stressors and hardships. Learning more about yourself opens up a new world of possibilities we can use to cope better and improve our quality of life. My goal is to support you on this journey to find what you need to grow as a person. I have gravitated towards experiential and cognitive behavioral therapy to accomplish this goal. 

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