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Support Group Session

The Good Neighbors Initiative

The Good Neighbors Initiative is an initiative to close the financial gap between clients with socioeconomic needs and psychotherapy. This goal is accomplished by using the revenue from the sale of quality products from a separate non-profit business called Seryn as a source for partial psychotherapy scholarships. As well as through donations. 

Quality psychotherapy can be somewhat expensive, but for good reasons. Every therapist has a minimum of a Master's level degree in either social work, counseling, psychology, or marriage and family therapy and some therapists have a doctorate-level degree. Each degree requires 2–3 years of schooling, 2k to 4k hours of fieldwork (often without pay or under the fully licensed pay), state board exams, and paid professional supervision for at least 18 months. In addition, ongoing training and certifications to provide specialized training can cost thousands of dollars. 

The Good Neighbors Program, products, use of products, and their advertisement is not intended to provide a professional diagnosis, treatment, or suggest services at Neighbors Counseling.   

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