Katie's Practice of Counseling




Katie started working with trauma in 2017 at the Ross Institute as a student intern where she first gained experience working with complex PTSD. Since then Katie has worked at various levels of care and has experience working with chemical and process addictions. Katie is currently in training to obtain certification in Somatic Experiencing a trauma therapy that focuses on regulating the nervous system and the body. 



Traditional talk therapy doesn't always give us the results we want, especially when working with trauma. I work best with clients who prefer a direct approach and have been trying to heal from trauma for a prolonged period of time without a lot of results. I found that spirituality is an important part of the trauma healing process. To me, spirituality looks like connecting with nature and the earth and expands beyond the traditional organized religious perspective. It means drawing upon the wisdom of eastern philosophy to give the skills learned in therapy a deeper meaning. Trauma often comes with compulsive behaviors and I do not take the abstinence-only perspective but emphasize harm reduction as an alternative to completely cutting something out of your life. Katie integrates elements from Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness Based and Trauma Model Therapies. 

Katie has limited availability but please feel free to reach out with any questions regarding therapy.