Leslie's Practice of Counseling




In the last 20+ years of counseling, Leslie has worked with a diverse group of clients - from troubled teens, parents dealing with CPS or divorce, young adults seeking clarity and direction, to those recovering from suicide attempts, impulse control, combat trauma, childhood trauma, debilitating grief, and career burnout. She is passionate about helping each new client clarify their goals and find their unique path to recovery, peace, acceptance, and wellbeing.


In the past few years, Leslie's interests have narrowed her focus on trauma recovery. she has acquired professional certification in treating various types and severities of trauma, including a special interest in helping medical professionals and caregivers facing burnout and compassion fatigue. Additionally, Leslie has been trained as an “LGBTQ+ affirming provider” along with being personally aware of and at home in this community. Leslie enjoys helping individuals come to accept their authentic selves and embrace self-compassion in light of continuing stigma and family/relationship challenges. 


So you’ve been considering contacting a counselor and decided to give it a go. Good for you. The feelings of sadness, anxiety, and being overwhelmed are too much to ignore and you deserve to be happy. You want answers and real solutions. I am here to help you find them. Regardless of the many roads, my clients have traveled, I join them on their journey with a commitment to trustworthiness and an attitude of genuine admiration for their strengths and survival instincts. I set my bar for professional standards at excellence and I use evidence-based therapy practices with an easy, collaborative, creative style. My mission is to equip and empower clients to improve their self-esteem and effectiveness while reducing depression, worry, mood instability, relationship conflict, work stress, trauma responses, and unresolved grief.  You can count on me to listen and collect the needed information to understand the problem, set reasonable outcome goals with you, employ effective strategies, and assess our progress as we go. Ultimately, you are in the driver’s seat, and with your agreement, I hope to travel beyond “better” to build your resilience to difficulties down the road and provide ongoing support and services into your future.

Please feel free to call, text, or email to set up a 10-15 minute consultation through which I can more directly address questions you may have. I look forward to talking with you soon.