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Virtual ADHD Assessments

BCBS and UHC covered ADHD comprehensive reports and interventions.

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Have you ever been curious about having ADHD or wonder how ADHD symptoms affect your life? Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a relatively common, often unrecognized condition. It affects 4.4% of U.S. adults, and 9.4% of U.S. children according to the CDC but most people with ADHD live with the symptoms and suffer the often-devastating effects of ADHD in their lives without identifying the source of their struggles. The main signs of inattentive ADHD: Short attention span Making careless mistakes Appearing forgetful or losing things Daydreaming or "in your head" Unable to stick to tasks that are time-consuming Appearing to be unable to listen Constantly changing activity or task Having difficulty organizing tasks The main signs of hyperactivity/impulsive ADHD: Being unable to sit still, especially in calm surroundings Constantly fidgeting Being unable to concentrate on tasks Excessive physical movement Excessive talking Being unable to wait Acting without thinking Interrupting conversations Little or no sense of danger ADHD assessments may not always result in a diagnosis but can provide specific areas that can be changed to make ADHD symptoms more manageable. ADHD assessments come with mindfulness-based interventions which are ways to regulate attention in a way that promotes acceptance of how things are and change to improve quality of life.

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