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Embracing Challenges, Embracing Growth: Neighbors Counseling's Yearly Recap

In the year 2023, Neighbors Counseling experienced a remarkable period of growth and development. Originally established in 2020 as a side job amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic and employment instability, our practice has made tremendous strides. Lydia Neighbors and I, as 50% owners, have witnessed the expansion of our team with the addition of new therapists. This growth has enabled us to provide a total of 5826 counseling sessions throughout the year, a significant increase compared to the 2226 sessions conducted in 2022, the 528 sessions in 2021, and the mere 12 sessions held in our inaugural year of 2020.

In the time we have had the privilege of hosting a monthly network meeting, we have been humbled by the opportunity to bring together hospitals, managed care centers, private practices, trauma informed massage therapist, yoga instructors and many others. Our goal has been to create a stronger community of providers, united in our mission to serve those in need of our services. Through these meetings, we have been able to promote the values of #communityovercompetition.

#ShopSeryn the nonprofit of Neighbors Counseling has been able to provide through volunteering time, making donations, and conducting limited sales the following

financial support over the past 12 months for specialized trauma and dissociative therapy: $2,445 in subsidized group rates and nearly $2500 in subsidized individual therapy.

As a small business, we have experienced exponential growth throughout the year 2023. This growth, while exciting, has not come without its fair share of challenges and obstacles as a family owned small business. Despite these hurdles, our unwavering commitment to providing relational and trauma informed counseling services and meeting the ever-increasing demand for mental health support has been nothing short of remarkable.

Looking back on the progress we have made in 2023, we cannot help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. The opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals seeking guidance and support has been a true privilege. We have witnessed firsthand the empowerment of our services, and it is truly humbling.

Navigating the complexities of running a small business in an industry as vital as mental health counseling has not been an easy feat. We have had to adapt and evolve our strategies to keep up with the growing demand and ensure that we continue to deliver the highest quality of care to our clients. This has required us to invest in our team, expand our resources, and constantly stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field.

As we reflect on the year 2023, we are proud of the progress we have made and the impact we have had on the lives of those we serve. We are grateful for the trust and support of our clients, as well as the dedication and hard work of our team. Moving forward, we remain committed to overcoming any growing pains that may come our way and continuing to provide exceptional counseling services to those in need.

We are excited to announce the opening of our new Allen branch at 1101 Raintree Circle Suite 180 in 2024. This expansion will enable us to extend our reach and enhance our capacity to provide therapy for trauma and mood-related issues. While we will continue to operate as a private practice, our goal for 2024 is to possibly establish multiple locations and create a brand dedicated to building relationships, healing and change.

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