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Jennifer Oparaodu, MA

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

In-Person in Denton, TX

Supervised by Tonya Major LPC-S

Online Therapy in Texas

Hello! I'm Jennifer.

I accept private pay. See my rates.


I have experience working with survivors of sexual assault as a trauma specialist at a non-profit and with college students while working on the campus of Texas Woman's University.

My Journey

Undergraduate degree from Texas Woman's University in Psychology.

Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from King's University

Gottman Method Couples Training – Level 1 & 2

The Body Keeps the Score Trauma Training

Prepare-Enrich Training, and Enneagram Training

Philosophy of therapy and area of focus

Therapy, from my perspective, is a multifaceted approach aimed at assisting clients to unravel the complex systems that shape their thoughts, emotions, and life experiences. Recognizing the profound impact of culture is fundamental in this process. My practice is dedicated to employing this mindset in various therapeutic contexts, including trauma recovery, college student stress management, mood regulation, spiritual abuse, and women of color needs.

How I provide support

I offer assistance to clients in navigating the challenges of life by helping them process pain, address past traumas, and adapt to new life transitions. Through the practice mindfulness and the adoption of new coping strategies, I guide them finding inner peace Moreover, I emphasize the importance of setting intentional boundaries and encourage them to explore self-love.

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