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Josh Yarbrough, MA

Licensed Professional Counselor

In-Person in Denton, TX

Online Therapy in Texas

Hello! I'm Josh.

I specialize in trauma, distress tolerance, anxiety, depression, addictions, and impulsive behaviors.

I accept Cigna, Aetna, Oscar, UHC, and BCBS. See my rates.


I have experience working in community and hospital settings.

My Journey

Master's degree in Counseling Psychology at Texas Woman's University

Crisis prevention and incarcerated treatment experience

Military active duty and veteran counseling

Substance use dependence provisoinally licensed

How I provide support

​I help my clients with major life events, chronic everyday stressors, or a mixture of both via online therapy sessions and in person at our Denton, Texas, office. The goal is to make therapy a place where they can explore these events and how it affects them. From this exploration, we can gain insight, learn skills, and manage the distress they experience. I work using Dialectical Behavior Therapy to improve my clients' skills in mindfulness of the present moment, developing relationships, regulating emotions, and resilience to stress.

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